Water Saving in Australia

Category: Save Water at Home

  • On average, a person uses about 200 litres of water per day, of which 5-10 litres is for basic survival, i.e. drinking and food preparation.
  • The other 190 litres is discretionary and is used for washing (showers, dishes, clothes, toilets) and the garden.
  • Some communities have been successful in reducing average personal tap water usage to as low as 130 litres per day.
  • Approximately half the water supplied to urban areas in Australia ends up as waste water, according to a report by the Institute for Sustainable Futures prepared for the Water Services Association in 1998.

Together we can all do our bit to help reduce water consumption. Installing water saving products can make a difference and despite the initial cost, they are an investment. In the long term, you will be saving money and helping the environment. There are many water saving initiatives, as well as great products that can help conserve water.

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