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With ISO accreditation and twenty-six years of operation behind them, Laser Group Australia is excited about the latest business to make the change and become a part of Australia’s largest network of plumbers and electricians.

William Morris and Chris Kenny, Managers of Compass Plumbing Group were motivated to join the Group after seeing the quality of systems and training available to Laser Members. 

Having used multiple systems, the pair recognised that they only used a small percentage of the system's capacities and that in large, this was due to a lack of access to adequate training.

William and Chris also recognised that much of the business information was stored in their heads and that to reduce risk to the business, they needed to manage the information in a more sustainable way.

“We knew that, if one of us were to leave the business, the knowledge would leave with them and this was something that with the systems and processes available with Laser, we could mitigate,” William and Chris said.

“In addition to the systems and training, we were also impressed by the financial reporting as well as the ability to utilise other Laser Members for our contracts located throughout the State.”

With 22 employees and contracts with the New South Wales Government, the ability to share work and network with other Laser Members, learning from their experiences is something that the business is looking forward to.

Trading as Laser Plumbing Picton, Regional Manager for New South Wales/ACT, Luke McCallum was appreciative for the introduction to the team by Greg Charleson at Laser Plumbing Wagga Wagga.

“Bill and Chris have achieved great success in building their business to service the Government sector, not only in Sydney but across the State of New South Wales.” 

“The synergies between their business and the Laser Group are unquestionable, and this will enable both the Member and Laser Group to achieve our goals.  I look forward to working with the team at Laser Plumbing Picton over the years to come.”

CEO of Laser Group Australia, Steve Keil acknowledged the engagement of Laser Members when sourcing the right businesses to join Laser.

"Our business is built on reputation and ensuring that we make a difference to our customers by only using experts and always being totally dependable.  Our Members recognise the importance of this as an invaluable asset and we are passionate about identifying businesses who are great for the Laser brand, like the team at Laser Plumbing Picton".

“Please join me in congratulating Bill and Chris on making the change to Laser and welcoming them to the Laser family.

Laser Plumbing Picton
Owners: William Morris and Chris Kenny
Address: 24/15 Henry Street, Picton, NSW, 2571
Phone: 02 4677 1254
Email: picton@laserplumbing.com.au