Saving Water in the Garden

Category: Save Water at Home

With water restrictions in place across Australia designing a garden that is water wise can help you enjoy your garden during tough conditions:

  • Select water efficient plants - most nurseries now offer a wide range of low water-use plants and shrubs designed to endure drought conditions. Water efficient plants will reduce the amount of water your garden needs and can look good all year round. The Department of Sustainability and Environment publishes a list of drought tolerant plants
  • Mulch your garden - using organic mulch, like cow/chicken manure or compost, can improve the quality and water retention of your soil. Mulched garden beds retain more water and require water less often. Look out for new products that can assist your soil to retain water.
  • Soak - giving your plants a good soak once a week or less will help them develop their root systems more effectively than a light, regular spray. Healthy plants are more likely to survive tough conditions.
  • Install a rainwater tank - collecting rainwater can supplement your water sources for the home and garden.
  • Use recycled water - Installing a greywater system can provide a great source of water for your garden.
  • Weed - regular weeding will stop weeds from competing for water with your plants.
  • Watering systems - using a below ground drip irrigation system can deliver water straight to the roots of your plants, where they need it most. Below ground watering systems are important if you are using recycled water to reduce the health risks associated with greywater.

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