Member Profiles: In Search of the Australian Dream

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As seen in The Australian Plumbing Magazine - January 1, 2017

Across the bay and over the Peninsula, the weather wasn’t very forgiving on our way to Sorrento the following week. Grey clouds gathered menacingly on the freeway leading out of Melbourne which turned to ominous spitting followed by sideways rain. Driving parallel to the deep blue along the coast road, you couldn’t help but laugh at the fickle mistress that is Victoria’s weather. But of course, the show must go on – it’s a good job plumbers are a hardy bunch!

John Riley is no exception. Riley Plumbing was started by his father Leon in the sixties and has been a stalwart saviour of the Sorrento region’s plumbing problems ever since. Going from strength to strength across the decades, it’s always been a family affair.

‘We have just recently joined the Laser Plumbing network and will soon be known as Laser Plumbing Blairgowrie. Although we will still operate by the same standards that we have set for ourselves, I am very excited to be taking the business to the next level.’ I had a few more plumbers on a couple of years ago but I scaled things back to a smaller team despite the high volume of work. As we are a local business, it’s all about having the right people for the job.’ It seems like John Riley has got the winning formula for work/life balance down to a tee.