GMS Plumbing becomes Laser Plumbing

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As seen in The Riverine Herald - November 6, 2017

IT HAS a new name but it’s still the same business we all know.

From the days of GMS Plumbing, an invitation to join the Laser Plumbing Group was too good to pass up for Geoff and Mel Slattery.

‘‘It took us a while to agree to join, we didn’t want to lose our ‘local’ status,’’ Geoff said.

‘‘But at the same time, we also looked into if the group would be a good fit for us and us a good fit for them.’’

They officially became the Laser Group on September 1.

Being part of a multinational group gives them a huge network of support from other members as well as access to innovative business systems all while still operating the original family business as it was.