Fitness in the Workplace

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As seen in The Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine - December 18, 2017

Is it too much of a stretch for tradies to look after their bodies?

At 6.30am every Monday, when most of Australia is still struggling to get out of bed, the staff of Laser Plumbing Vermont are already tucking into a team breakfast to start the week with big goals and ambition fixed firmly in place. All staff have breakfast together, followed by a staff development meeting and then a whole body stretch session, which has recently been incorporated into the routine.

Staff have been shown how to stretch the areas of the body that are important for the tasks they perform on a daily basis, with particular target areas related to their daily tasks. This is just part of an intensive health and wellbeing program put into effect by Laser Plumbing Vermont’s former Client Engagement Officer, Nicole Back, whose background in sports science and consulting was a great inspiration to get the team moving on a Monday and well into the week.

While there has been a significant decrease in the number of workplace incidents in the past decade, tradies are still far more likely to be injured at work than most employees. According to Nicole’s research, plumbing is second only to carpentry as the trade with the greatest number of injury claims. The most common work place claims are for body stress injuries (33 per cent), which is greater than injuries resulting from falls, trips and slips and being hit by objects. Of body stress injuries, a little over half occur while lifting/ carrying objects, but the rest occur while doing other work-related tasks.