Christchurch Earthquake

Category: Community Projects

We were all devastated by the significant effects the September 4th 2010 earthquake had on Christchurch and the surrounding areas. Fortunately no lives were lost but the constant barrage of after shocks continually held the city and its residents on edge. Our annual conference was able to still be held in Christchurch as planned in October and it seemed the city was starting to be on the mend.

Sadly, on the 22nd February 2011 another aftershock hit, this time shallower and closer to the city centre causing catastrophic damage. This time it more than just structural damage, buildings in the CBD could not recover from the first earthquake and collapsed under the pressure of this aftershock. This time we weren’t so lucky and hundreds of people lost their lives and countless more were injured.

Thankfully none of our Laser Members were injured but many of their homes were damaged and all of them have felt a significant loss is one way or another.

These events have resonated strongly not just in Canterbury but throughout the entire country as well as Australia. Many of our Members have been eager to contribute wherever they can and have generously donated to help the people of Christchurch.

Laser Group collectively has donated in excess of $7000 and that figure continues to climb.